What are they?

Skin Peels are one of the best and least invasive ways to improve your skin appearance. It is a very popular treatment as there is no significant downtime with a guaranteed excellent result in treating various types of skin concerns.

Pigmentation, fine lines, blackheads and general skin dullness can be dramatically improved with peels in just a few sessions. It is also one of the most proven ways to enhance your skin condition as peels have been around for many years.

NewDerm Clinic offers several types of skin peels which are all equally effective and classified by the form and depth of their effects on certain layers of the epidermis.

The benefit of skin peels is glamorous, healthy, glowing skin for an important event, after a course of 3 treatments, guaranteeing your skin will looks its absolute best.

Skin Peels

Types of Skin Peels

Glycolic Peeling

Peeling Glycolic 50% pH2.5


Glycolic Peels promote the renewal of the cellular structure of the epidermis. This is achieved by increasing the level of natural moisturising factor, activating the metabolism of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen, elastin and components of the extracellular matrix.


Skin concerns that would benefit from Glycolic Peels:


Signs of aging and photoaging skin:

  • Acne
  • Hyperkeratosis
  • Hyperpigmentation of various causes
  • Preparing skin for other cosmetic procedures


Improves skin blood circulation. The signs of photo-ageing are minimised and in most cases eliminated. The processes of keratinisation and secretion of the sebaceous glands are normalised, which helps to prevent the skin inflammatory process. Peels at NewDerm also reduce pore size and appearance and lighten the complexion. Symptoms of hyperpigmentation decrease leaving a more even skin tone and healthy glow.

Lacto Peeling

Peeling Lacto 30% pH 2.8


Lacto peeling has 30% Lactic acid making it an excellent skin improvement treatment. Lactic acid increases the level of skin hydration, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.


It penetrates the skin evenly and controllably without causing irritation. Under the sparing?? non- irritating effects of lactic acid, the skin is renewed, a healthy tone is achieved and a pronounced lifting effect is observed.


Lacto peeling has proven very effective dry and dehydrated skin types.


Skin concerns that would benefit from Lacto Peels:

  • Dehydration, crepey skin effects
  • Decreased elasticity and firmness, atonic skin
  • low local immunity
  • Lack-luster skin reduced healthy glow/poor colouring
  • pigmentation changes



Lactic Acid peels greatly assist epidermal moisturising. This treatment program calms and relieves skin and has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Skin is rejuvenated and a brightening effect can be seen after only a few treatments. Lacto Peel results in a fresh, new, more even skin tone.

Almond Peeling

Peeling Almond 30% pH 2.0


This is superficial peeling based on mandelic or almond acid. They exfoliate only the stratum corneum layer of the skin, with very delicate affects and has minimal irritating outcomes among all acid peels.


NewDerm Almond Peels stimulates collagen synthesis, activates cell regeneration, reduces wrinkles and has an antibacterial action. The molecule of this Almond acid is much larger than Glycolic resulting in slower penetration of the skin, while having a softer and non-irritating effect.


Almond peeling is one of the gentlest methods of rejuvenation, which is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. Peeling can be used in the spring – summer period.


Skin concerns that would benefit from Almond Peels:

  • problem skin (comedones, acne, post-acne, oily seborrhea)
  • hyperpigmentation
  • photo-aging, uneven skin tone, shallow facial wrinkles
  • sensitive skin with signs of loss of elasticity and firmness
  • skin with couperose
  • ethic skin


Advantages of NewDerm Almond Peeling:

  • absence of severe irritation and the ability to control the process
  • possibility of using in spring/summer without risk of pigmentation
  • effectiveness in combating acne
  • possibility of use in the presence of couperose


Skin that is not suitable for Almond Peels:

  • Inflammation in the peeling zone
  • Allergic reaction to lactic? Almond acid
  • Skin irritation
  • Acute condition of any skin disease
  • Any viral infections


Recommended treatment course:

Depending on the age, condition and regenerative abilities of the skin, an intensive course of 5-8 treatments is usually prescribed. And, the individual frequency of the peels is recommended at every 7-10 days.



An Almond peel at NewDerm will relieve dull complexions as well as reduce fine lines. It will strengthen collagen, the building blocks of the skin’s support network and show a youthful firmness. The thinning action on the stratum corneum layer of the skin reflects light better and makes skin look smoother and brighter.


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