When it comes to skin care, men have traditionally kept it simple.

At NewDerm Clinic we provide realistic recommendations for men who are wishing to get an extra edge on their look. Fortunately, all our treatments have little or no recovery time.

Our highly trained and experience medical staff are used to treating male skin and so know to use slightly different treatment techniques and methods for your skin. This is relevant for dermal fillers and Botox™ injections. But, NewDerm Clinic ensures all treatments, male and female, are safe and effective.

So, whether you have a double chin, wrinkles, are looking tired, or you are losing your jawline definition, NewDerm Clinic offers a wide range of effective treatments which can be safely performed in the privacy of our Clinic.

For Men

Popular Treatments for Men


From our experience the double chin is a major area of concern for male patients. If you are fed up trying to get rid of that stubborn facial fat, whether it is a double chin or jowl fat pads, you could be battling in vain.


Some fat pockets are genetic which means they will not move easily. But almost all stubborn fat cells can be removed by MesoSlim treatment.


MesoSlim is designed to target fat deposits and tighten sagging skin, especially on the neck.


MesoSlim dissolves the build-up of unwanted facial fat that robs the face of its well-defined look and youthful contours.


NewDerm Clinic can assess if you are suitable for treatment very easily during your free, no obligation consultation. Following assessment and creating a plan – you can experience what you never thought was possible!


Another common issue with the aging male face is wrinkles. This is why the use of Botox™ injections as an anti-aging tool for men, has been successful for quite some time.


Like it or not, we live in a youth focus world. Younger looking, well presented and groomed men are usually perceived as being more skilled, pay more attention to details, and is somewhat smarter and happier than their counterparts.


Botox™ is a fast and relatively easy procedure which will smooth facial wrinkles and bring back a more youthful appearance. People may comment that you look refreshed , look good or different, without knowing what has changed you. At NewDerm clinic we use a technique that allows us to relax facial muscle without giving that no-movement look – this is simply not natural. After treatment some facial movements will remain noticeable, so giving you a more natural look.

Dermal Fillers

As men age, their skin loses elasticity in the same way as female skin. Dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid collagen stimulators) replace lost volume, improve the tired look, minimise sagging cheeks, enhances jawline definition and jowls. It’s a very versatile treatment, which can be used in a variety of situations.


From our experience the most popular treatments requested by men are chin augmentation, nose to mouth line, eye bags and general lines/wrinkles in the skin. At NewDerm Clinic we understand that the  approach to male aesthetic is different from that of a female.

For Men


Before performing any facial procedure, NewDerm Clinic carefully analyse your face allowing us to correctly identify areas for improvement, treatment plan/products and how to enhance and maintain facial masculinity. All this whilst respecting the symmetry and proportion of your male face.

We can safely and quickly perform the treatments so you can achieve that sculpted, smooth, healthy and youthful look you are hoping for.