What makes us look older ?

Even people in their 20s can have crow’s feet and fine lines. When it comes to us looking older, it’s more about the shape of your face. As we age, there is a decrease in the amount of bone and soft tissue. That changes the shape of the face from the reverse triangle of youth to oval or pyramid shape of old age.

  • the corners of the eyes and lips are lowered – a tired expression appears
  • the fatty packed slips down over the face therefore cheeks lose their elasticity and nasolabial folds appear.
  • the eyebrows gradually creep through the brow that gives a sad look
  • the lower jaw line also loses its defined contour
  • there is a tendency to edema due to a slow blood circumstances.

Those changes contributes to the appearance of old age regardless of actual wrinkles. We essentially focus on deep structure repositioning for optimum rejuvenation results. At NewDerm clinic we will create an optimal treatment plan for you to reduce those signs of aging.

In spite of all the above, don’t forget to smile and take care of your inner beauty. That will reflect on your face.