Mesotherapy is a non surgical cosmetic medicine treatment aimed to diminish various skin problems. Mesotherapy uses a dual-action process, which employs both chemical stimulation and mechanical stimulation to the affected area.

Mesotherapy is relatively painless procedure due to the use of anaesthetic creams applied prior to injection.

It is an alternative method to

  • Deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin
  • Treat hear loss
  • Break up fat deposits within the skin


Mesotherapy Face/Skin Rejuvenation

The aim of mesotherapy in skin rejuvenation is to promote an intense regeneration of collagen and act as a buster of overall health to the skin. The result is a visible younger, deeply hydrated texture with increased skin tone, radiance and homogenous colour.

At Newderm clinic we use mesotherapy to treat a variety of conditions such as

  • Smoker or tired skin
  • Aged and dehydrated skin
  • Dark circles under the eye
  • Hyperpigmentation (age spots, acne spots, freckles)
  • Photo damaged skin (heavily exposed to the sun)
  • Acne symptoms and blemishes
  • Keloid scars
  • Uneven skin tone

Mesotehrapy treatment is not recommended if :

  • Hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Skin infections
  • Allergies to the components administered
  • Presents of gallstones
  • Kidney diseases
  • Heart and vascular diseases
  • Taking certain medications (anticoagulants)
  • Disorders of blood clotting process
  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding

Mesotherapy treatment is carried out over a period of two to three month which included 4-6 treatments session in total. Each session takes up to one hour. The more mature the skin, the more frequent treatments are required.

We have a number of innovative products available at NewDerm Clinic such as Viscoderm Skinko, Visoderm Skinco E, Teosyal and Jalupro HMW.


Mesotherapy Hair

Mesotherapy Hair treatment mainly has been used to promote hair growth for men and women who has experienced the beginning of balding ,to restore volume to thinning hair and to speed up hair growth.

Microinjections are inserted just below the epidermis into the tissues to stimulate the mesoderm layer in the skin in order to encourage the hair’s natural regeneration process.

Mesotherapy solution injected into the scalp contains a combination of specific minerals, vitamins, amino-acids and enzymes specially tailored according to the client requirements.

The quality of the solution is of the utmost importance.

The treatment procedure for hair loss can vary from patient to patient, however a session usually takes half an hour, depending on the size of an area treated.

Generally, 10 sessions are required in order to stimulate hair growth.

Some people can experience results within first 2 weeks, however it can vary depending upon the severity of the hair loss and individual responds to the treatment.

Mesotherapy side effects are mainly as a result of the needle insertion into the skin.

Therefore some people may experience pain, swelling and bruising.

At Newderm clinic we use hair mesotherapy to

  • Prevent hair loss
  • Speed up hair growth
  • Thicken hair
  • Stimulate circulation and improve blood supply to the scalp
  • Revitalize hair follicles
  • Nourish the scalp



Mesotherapy Spot Fat Reduction, Face and Body



The idea behind Mesotherapy Fat Reduction is to dissolve fat deposits. The procedure involves series of injection to the fat tissue which helps to break down unwanted localised areas of fat.

Body areas treatable:

  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Upper arm
  • ‘Love handles”
  • Fat bugles below the bra-line

At NewDerm Clinic we use a unique formula for efficient fat melting, which consist of powerful slimming actives, ideal to improve the condition of area affected by cellulite.


  • Stimulates process of lipolysis
  • Reduce the “Orange” skin effect
  • Restore firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Activates lymph drainage
  • Increases fat burning

Usually 4 treatments are required at intervals of 2 weeks. Depending on the problem area, the number of procedures could increase.

IMPORTANT: Because mesotherapy treatments for weight loss do not produce drastic changes, it is recommended for people who require a little fat reduction in specific areas, as with body contouring.


FACE/Double chin

The double chin is a common cosmetic concern. Fullness under the chin can be quite distressing, and it is often difficult to reduce.  Mesotherapy can change the game when it comes to treating submental fullness.  Some fat pockets are genetic that means they will not move. These stubborn fat cells can be removed by the Mesotherapy treatment which redefines facial contours through localised lipolysis.  What remains of the fat cells is absorbed back to the body via metabolic pathways.

The procedure can be done as a “lunchtime appointment” and has no visible adverse effects. This is a significant advantage to many people who don’t want to be out of action.

Mesotherapy solution dissolves the build up of unwanted facial fat deposits that rob the face of its own well-defined look and youthful contours.

Short term side effects including bruising, pain and swelling are temporary.

This procedure is not suitable for pregnant woman, obese patients, people with diabetes, autoimmune diseases, vascular complications, or any kind of infections.

IMPORTANT: In order to achieve greatest results, patients will need a properly maintained diet.