The fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the aesthetic industry

Botox™ cosmetic injections (anti-wrinkles injections) are the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the aesthetic industry. According to Surgeons at Cork University Hospital (CUH), Ireland leads the way globally for the number of online searches for Botox injections (2017). Botulinum toxin, Botox™, is used to temporary reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving a smooth and youthful look.

Botox™ is one of the safest treatments available for the reduction of wrinkles. Side effects are temporary and restricted to the area of injection. Botox™ remains where it is injected, it does not move thought the body. This procedure is very popular globally and is considered a low-risk and successful way for treating aging skin.

NewDerm Clinic always offers professional and individualised care. We consult and advise you on the best treatment plan to achieve your desired optimal results.

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Anti Wrinkle

Trained medical professionals

While Botox™ injection treatments are relatively simple, the treatments needs to be administer by a trained and experienced medical professional who has a deep knowledge of the facial muscles and their behaviour to minimise and prevent these side effects.

NewDerm Clinic’s team of trained medical professionals will adhere to best medical practice thus ensuring optimum results for your every aesthetic need.

Botox™ in detail

How does it work?

Botox™ treatment works by blocking signals from nerve endings to the muscles, that when contracted beneath the skin, create various expression lines. Antiwrinkle injections cause those muscles to no longer be able to contract, which causes wrinkles to relax and the skin to flatten. This results in a fresh, smooth, youthful look.

Although the procedure is relatively simple and takes about 30 minutes, Botox™ treatment results  will not appear instantly. Typical onset of effects is between 24 and 72 hours. Some people may require up to 7 days to see a result. The maximum effect of Botox™ treatment occurs at about 10 days after treatment.

Wrinkles caused by sun damage, scarring and gravity will not respond to Botox™. The effects of Botox™ will wear-off in three to six month as muscle action gradually returns allowing wrinkles to reappear. But, your new enhanced look can be maintained with 2 to 3 treatments per year. Clinical studies suggest that the  lines and wrinkles can often appear less severe with time.

What are the benefits

What are the benefits of treating wrinkles with Botox™?

  • Reduces the visibility of wrinkles and other fine lines without surgery
  • Reduces horizontal  pinch lines in the forehead
  • Minimizes the look of crows’ feet , frown and marionette lines
  • Gives an impressive effect
  • Effects are transformable
  • Treat a dropping brow
  • No anaesthetic cream needed

Who is not suitable for Botox™ treatments?

Who is not suitable for Botox™ treatments?

Pregnancy/Breast Feeding
Under the age of 18 as the muscles are still developing
Where fillers are more appropriate
Those allergic to eggs, as the protein found in eggs occurs in Botox™
Neuromuscular conditions
Those taking certain medications
Those taking certain antibiotics with amino glycosides as Botox™ will interfere with these

Side effects

What are the side effects of Botox™?
Side effects of anti-wrinkles injections are minimal, but as with all cosmetic procedures certain possible undesirable effects can occur.

Possible side effects:

  • Headache
  • Bruising at the sight of injection
  • Facial pain
  • Pain at the injection site (common)
  • Temporary eyelid drop
  • Respiratory infection