MESOTHERAPY   Mesotherapy is a non surgical cosmetic medicine treatment aimed to diminish various skin problems. Mesotherapy uses a dual-action process, which employs both chemical stimulation and mechanical stimulation to the affected area. Mesotherapy is relatively painless procedure due to

BOTOX   BOTOX Cosmetic injection ( anti-wrinkles injection) is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the aesthetic industry. According to Surgeons at Cork University Hospital (CUH), Ireland leads the way globally for the number of online searches for Botox injections.

MESOBOTOX What is this ? Why MesoBotox? MesoBotox is the alternative use of botulinum toxin to achieve whole-face rejuvenation! MesoBotox is the injection of more dilute concentrations of Botox superficially in order to diminish the formation of dynamic (in movement)

As we age, the skin around your neck tends to lose its elasticity , emphasizing wrinkles and lines. A sagging neck can be an indication of ageing and a difficult one to camouflage. If you are concerned about the way

Even people in their 20s can have crow’s feet and fine lines. When it comes to us looking older, it’s more about the shape of your face. As we age, there is a decrease in the amount of bone and